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Elephant Ollie - NZ made bibs

Elephant Ollie began at the end of 2011 when we saw a gap in the New Zealand market for a super-absorbent bib. We wanted to find something that was functional and fashionable. After much research, we came upon the Apple Tree Boutique range and now Elephant Ollie is the NZ Distributor of these wonderful products.

Because these Apple Tree Bibs were so effective, we wanted to branch into our own range of super-absorbent bibs constructed from Kiwiana fabrics, which we could supply to Souvenir and Boutique shops. It was paramount that these were still NZ-made . We did not want to have Kiwiana products made off-shore – this was incredibly important to us both! Since this, Elephant Ollie has grown to include a variety of bibs the range, as well as other baby and children’s items.

All Elephant Ollie products are designed and handcrafted in New Zealand. Elephant Ollie believes strongly in supporting and using local and other New Zealand businesses to create its products.

The slogan, “nothing gets through them” comes from a friend and loyal customer of Elephant Ollie. I thank all those who have supported Elephant Ollie over the last two years, and I sincerely hope I can continue to bring you functional, fashionable and quailty NZ-made products.

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