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Baby Sleeping Bag - Pebble Stripe

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The 3-Seasons sleeping bag must be the most versatile available! It can be used from 18 to 28 degrees by varying the clothing inside the bag. Ideal for day sleeps year round, and night from spring through to autumn. Made from 2 layers of gorgeous 30% merino and 70% soft organic cotton blend fabric, a beautifully soft fabric knitted exclusively for these products! So soft and smooth, 3-Seasons are even suitable for babies with eczema or sensitive skin. Helping babies sleep better, stay just the right temperature and helping parents relax about their baby's sleep. The combination of merino and organic cotton offers the best of both worlds.The merino component helps to regulate body temperatures, keeping your baby a comfortable temperature all night. This gives you peace of mind and helps everyone get more sleep.

This Sleeping Bag provides a number of benefits:

  • Your baby sleeps safely as no bedding can get over their face
  • Your baby stays a consistent temperature all night as their bedding can't be kicked off
  • Your baby develops a strong sleep association with their woolbabe, meaning it helps them know when it is sleep time

The Side Zip opens out fully, which is helpful for night nappy changing. It also is simple to air out over the side of your cot every day, meaning much less washing. 
This can be used in your buggy with a 5-point harness. It has a double-ended zip on the side, a buggy slot in the front and back of the bag. There are 2 shoulder domes on each shoulder and domes under the arms for use with smaller babies.

0-9 months - Minimum weight 4kg | Length of bag (measured shoulder to bottom) - 75cm | Domes under the arms for a snug fit with babies | Sized for newborn and younger babies however do not use if baby's head can slip through the neck hole once zipped up or weighs less that 4kg

  • Outer fabric (yarn dyed stripe) 30% Australian wool/ 70% organic cotton. 
  • Inner fabric (yarn dyed stripe) 30% Australian wool/ 70% organic cotton. 
  • Woolbabe sleeping bags can be gentle machine washed with a liquid woolwash. You can also low tumble dry your bag but please be aware some shrinkage may occur with tumble drying.

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