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Benefits Of Using 100% Cotton-Made Infant Onesies - If you’re a first-time parent, below are the reasons why your infant onesies should be 100% made in cotton:

1. It’s Healthy - Cotton baby onesies are typically made from 100% cotton - you won’t bring your child’s skin into contact with harmful chemicals which is great for their health.

2. It’s Good For Asthmatic Babies - they can also be a perfect match for babies who are struggling with an asthma attack. Onesies made from cotton don’t discharge small particulate matter that may cause an attack. 

3. It’s Easier To Clean - There’s no need to use harsh chemicals or soap to remove dirt and stains quickly. In fact, some warm water, along with a mild baby detergent soap is enough for washing your baby’s clothes in the fastest time possible.

4. It Gives Comfort - Cotton fabrics, for instance, allow better aeration, which is why they can keep your newborn cool and comfortable during their sleep. Since cotton is highly absorbent, a cotton-made onesie can eliminate the moisture on your baby’s skin easily.