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Early language development and literacy skills can be developed with the right choice of books that you share with your baby. Reading with your baby at bedtime also promotes togetherness and calms him before he goes to sleep. It is a great activity to do when bonding with your baby because it provides a lot of opportunities to learn.

You can start by choosing books that are appropriate for age and interesting to look at. Pop-up and interactive books are good because they will really catch your baby’s attention. You can find ones with repetitive language. It is also a good idea to choose books that are at a level higher than your child’s competence. This maximizes the learning potential of reading.

When your child participates actively in the story, it teaches him more about books. He will learn how they are read, how the pages are turned, and about words that are associated with reading. Take this opportunity to develop his left to right eye movement by running your finger along the words as your read them