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We love giving the best service we can.  Our customers getting in touch with positive feedback through our survey or emails makes our day. If you would like to take the survey, click here.


"I love your website! and it's perfect for sending gifts when I don't live in the same town". Jessie, Melbourne, Australia (October 2018)


"Lovely products, clear website display and easy to use, easy to find things that aren’t tacky or too girly" - Anonymous from survey (June 2018)


"Amazing service - I wish we had something like this in France" - Geoff, Paris (June 2018)


"Love love love your gift boxes" - Tina, Wellington (May 2018)


"Thanks for sorting everything out when I gave you the wrong address -  that's over and above of what I would expect" - John, UK (May 2018)


"Love the free chocolate - nice touch and so glad it's NZ made" - Meg, Auckland (April 2018)