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Gift Boxes made in New Zealand

All items in these gift boxes are 100% made in New Zealand.  We are so proud and happy to have a good selection of gift options made right here.  Also check out our single product pages made in New Zealand also.

New Zealand made items are desirable globally, because in addition to our New Zealand brand, we boast strict standards for production and Kiwis are known for fair trading practices such as paying a fair minimum wage, good employment laws and good regulation around how we treat animals and the environment.

Included in our iconic gift boxes;     

- your selected items all carefully tissue wrapped into one of our sustainably produced cardboard gift boxes.  You can select tissue type here.

- an individually wrapped chocolate fish - you cannot get more iconic than that!

- a note from us with a gift voucher for a future purchase for your recipient

- your message carefully handwritten into a Baby's Room card

All of this is free of charge if you select from one of our pre-made gift boxes from our range below.