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Special Gift Voucher as part of a Gift Set - Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of use of The Baby's Room Special Gift Vouchers when The Baby's Room offers these with particular gift sets.  Special Gift Vouchers can be used to purchase goods from under certain conditions;

- The Gift Card can be used to purchase any item/s available at any one time at  This does include sale goods.

- The Baby's Room cannot supply rain checks for redemption of special Gift Cards.

- The special Gift Card can be used as part payment and there is no minimum purchase.

- The special Gift Card cannot be used to pay for, in part or in full, shipping.  Shipping options are added after cart selections and are always payable by debit or credit card (Visa / MasterCard) or PayPal.

- Special Gift Cards have a short validity date - usually 6-8 weeks.  Please take note of this date as the code will expire and the card will not be able to be used.

- Special Gift Cards cannot be used in conjunction with another discount or offer where there is another code at play.  An example is 10% off for account holders.  If you create an account with us at the Baby's Room, you receive an-always 10% discount.  To get the discount you need to use a code at checkout.  You cannot use this code and another Gift Card code at checkout for one sale.

- Only one special Gift Card per transaction - you cannot use more than one special Gift Card for one transaction.

- Special Gift Cards are non-transferable to another person.

- Special Gift Cards are not refundable. 

The Baby's Room reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as needed from time to time.